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Working together to break toxic cycles and feel more connected.


I am IFS Level 2 trained and an EMDR Certified therapist. I utilize a humanistic approach to individual therapy which emphasizes the importance of being your true, authentic Self. This approach recognizes that as humans we are all unique and have our own individual way of living and being. I will help you focus on understanding your own system, resolve inner conflicting thoughts and feelings, overcome internal criticism and disapproval;  culminating in internal harmony and an acceptance of your true, authentic Self. This is all done in a safe, non judgmental space where you will work towards personal growth.

Renee Beavers

My Counseling Approach

B&R Counseling Change


It all starts by gathering information about your system and learning where

you are today.

B&R Counseling Change


The next step is developing an awareness of reactions and learning how to

utilize responses.

B&R Counseling Change


Now the healing process can begin. This takes time and we go at the pace that works best for your system.



Individuals, Adults 17+

Client Concerns

Trauma, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, life/career transitions, relationships, stress management, body image, social anxiety, self-esteem, personal growth, family issues, boundaries, stress, divorce, career challenges, PTSD, and cPTSD


I am IFS Level 2 trained and an EMDR Certified therapist. Using a humanistic, person-centered approach to individual therapy we tap into your own innate healing ability.

B&R Counseling Website


B&R Counseling Website contact

Renee Beavers, MA, NCC, LPC, Certified Trauma Therapist

B&R Counseling Website contact number

Call or text 720-254-1661

B&R Counseling Website contact phone number
B&R Counseling Website contact location

PO Box 36356 Denver, CO  80236

B&R Counseling

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