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Meet Renee

 I am IFS Level 2 trained and an EMDR Certified therapist who utilizes a humanistic approach to individual  counseling. My path to becoming a licensed mental health counselor has been winding and full of a variety of life experiences, one of which was working with horses in a healing environment. It was through my work with horses that I was able to connect with my true, authentic Self; not the person I thought I should be.

My experience with the mental health field is personal. Many times over the years I have entered into counseling myself and I know, first hand, the benefits of having an amazing counselor. Unfortunately, I also know the flip side of having a, “not so amazing” counselor. I believe mental health is just as important to physical health.

Thank you for taking this step towards living your best life by reaching out for support. This is not something that is always easy to do, and I recognize the courage it takes to express your vulnerability. I am Renee Beavers (she/her/hers), a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado who is also licensed to provide teletherapy in Florida.  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University, a Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology from Capella University, and a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Trauma from Antioch University.

Renee Beavers

Renee Beavers, MA, NCC, LPC

Certified Trauma Therapist

 CO and FL

IFS Level 2 and EMDR

I have experience providing therapy to individual adults with varying issues from all backgrounds and walks of life. I will help you to explore relational patterns and examine your individual thoughts, feeling, and behaviors. I am here to support your growth and learning about yourself and help you unlock your amazing self-healing capacity.

Individual Counseling

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Individuals, Adults 17+

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Areas Addressed

At B&R Counseling we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment for all individuals who are seeking support for mental health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms related to PTSD or cPTSD, anxiety or depression, suffering from trauma or loss, career or relationship challenges, or just needing someone to talk to, we can support you in your journey towards a healthier you in a holistic, safe, compassionate, non-judgmental environment.

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I am IFS Level 2 trained and an EMDR Certified therapist. My therapeutic approach weaves experiential modalities into the discussion to guide you to learning the importance of being your true, authentic Self. This approach recognizes that as humans we are all unique and have our own individual way of living and being. I will help you to develop acceptance of your true, authentic Self and overcome criticism and disapproval by others by offering a safe space to work toward personal growth. I look forward to helping you reach your goals and achieve balance in your life.

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I provide telehealth online therapy (teletherapy) for clients in Colorado and Florida via Zoom's HIPAA compliant platform. This enables me to accommodate a wider range of clients whose work schedules, health issues and personal circumstances make virtual sessions more beneficial.

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$160 per individual 50-minute session

$180 per individual 90-minute session


Sliding scale appointments are available for those in financial need.

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